"ANGELS UNAWARE" (5-25-13)

     "Violette Wings & Giftey Things" is the fulfillment of my long time dream to own my own business.  You can probably guess by the name that I love all sorts of  "wingy things", such as angels, fairies, birds, bees and butterflies. Yes, I have sold a bat or two also. My actual love and passion began with birds  but soon the angels seemed to take over. In fact,  so many "coincidences" occured in my life following the drug store fiasco that I may have to write a book just to tell them all.    

     It had been a long, stressful year but opening day had come and gone. I was slowly developing a daily routine while waiting for the customers to burst down my doors in excitement!  I had been the gift buyer and merchandiser at the "Long"(s) gone drug store for approximately ten years before deciding to join the management team.  I had many customers  who loved the items I ordered but they especially raved about the creativity I used in the displays. I had convinced myself that once all of my fans discovered my new shop, I would soon be rolling in the dough and wouldn't be able to keep the displays full!


     It was a sunny but cool spring afternoon and I was still waiting for the mobs to come bursting through the doors as I dusted the displays near the front of the store. Suddenly the door opened and I excitedly turned around, ready to greet my first customer of the day. I was a little disappointed that my mob turned out to be an elderly gentleman appearing to be in his eighties or nineties. 



     Just by his appearence I felt something was a little off.  He was over six feet tall and was very lean with soft pale skin and few wrinkles.  He wore a pale yellow suit that looked as if it was from the 1930's or '40's with a matching hat and black shoes. His whole suit was so bright, crisp and clean it looked as if he had just walked out of a department store... from a previous decade!


     I smiled and asked him if I could help him. He says "Yes, I am a Norwegian Veteran and I was wondering if you could give me $3.oo?". Okay, now I was a little freaked out! First, the brand spanking new suit from the 1930's with the matching hat...This was odd  since men do not wear yellow suits AND hats in 2011. Second, he didn't have a Norwegian accent. In fact, he didn't have any discernable accent at all. Third, if he had just said he was a Veteran and needed some help, I more than likely would have obliged with a dollar or two, but it was odd for him to ask for $3.00 specifically, especially since $3.00 is all the money I had on me that day!


     Something just wasn't right... It wasn't the "bad" feeling that something was wrong,  just very confusing is the best description I can give. I paused for a moment before I turned him down and said I really couldn't spare it that day. With a disappointed look on his face, he thanked me and closed the door and left. I  then had second thoughts and decided to go out to see where he was heading but he was GONE! It had only been about 20 seconds but there was no one on the street anywhere!


     I couldn't get this man out of my head. I decided to ask a few of the neighboring businesses if they had seen the man in the yellow suit. The first few said they hadn't seen him.  My final stop was another new shop that had opened several weeks after I had opened my doors.  I just casually asked her if she had seen the man in the yellow suit that day and her eyes grew to the size of saucers! She explained her encounter with him and she  had experienced exactly what I had. He had even requested $3.00 from her! She turned him down as well due to the "weird" feelings she also felt.  She too had asked one of her neighbors  if she had seen him and she received the same response that I had received. The two new business owners on the street were the only people to see the tall man in the yellow suit and hat.


     That was about two years ago and I hadn't thought of this man since then. Last night I began this new journey into blogging. I was searching the web builder for intro music to the site. After an hour of searching for just the right music, I settled on a piece called "Morning in Norway".


      I sat down to write tonight trying to conjour up some ideas when almost simultaneously I remembered the "Norwegian Veteran" and then "Morning in Norway"! Hmmmm, another coincidence?  Was the "Norwegian Vet" an angel? Oh, No! I suddenly felt so guilty for not giving him the $3.00!  I quickly said a prayer asking for forgiveness for my selfishness and then......  OMG!,   Hebrews 13:2,  just popped into my head...


"Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels



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Today | 19:16

My favorite products we sold were the Genuine Navajo Dreamcatchers! this company supplies work for Navajo tribe. VW&GT donated 10% to "Dreamcatchers-Abused kids

Today | 19:11

I love our little bees! Such beautiful and delicious products from such tiny little beings!

Today | 19:08

Unfortunately, my health forced me to close the shop, but I will still love and heal the world in whatever way God leads me next!

Today | 18:48

Thank you for your nice note! Had a few more setbacks, Rheumatoid Arthritis AND Type 2 Diabetes all in the same week! Sorry I don't know where you can get cards

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