Although it had been raining for three days straight, it wasn't an especially dreary day. We desperately needed the rain and it was the perfect excuse to relax in bed with my usual cup of hot, creamy mocha.  I completed my morning readings and prayers and noticed on the nightstand,  the little journals I had been keeping for my two granddaughters.

I was suddenly overcome with sadness. My relatively sunny disposition had turned as gray and gloomy as the storm outside.  It's been two years since I had been allowed to see them! It's a rather complicated story of having to do the right thing even when it hurts someone, maybe even yourself.

Feeling  so alone and abandoned, I had a good cry or two.  How much longer would I be punished for loving and wanting to protect them? The worst part of it all is that even though I did the right thing, no one else has! The authorities have done nothing and they tell me that they can't unless I have pictures of the "crime" in progress. So here I sit two years later. Still concerned for their safety, I pray for them everyday, knowing they are safely tucked under Archangel Michael's wings.

So back to the gloomy day... once I had finished releasing the tears that had been building up since my last good cry, I headed to the kitchen to warm up the mocha. As I pushed the microwave's start button, something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye.

The towering mulberry tree, that loomed over my yard and the neighbors' fences, was just beginning to pop little green leaf buds. Every year I dread that mulberry tree's leaves!  Don't get me wrong! On the few "dog days of summer" we get,  when the thermometer hits 100 degrees, the shade it provides is a welcome respite but the rest of the year I feel like a jungle explorer hacking through the hanging limbs to get from one side of the yard to the other! Not to mention the mountains of leaves that cover the yard in the fall!

In the top of the tree, among the tiny, thin branches, hung a fairly large gray squirrel. He was hanging upside down and nibbling on all the green leaf buds. Suddenly he scurried down the limb and jumped up on another then hopped over to another before stopping, making a u-turn and hanging upside down again! I had to laugh at him. In fact, it almost seemed as if that was what he was trying to do!

He looked towards the window at me then went prancing down the tree, landing on a thin limb than bent under his weight. As if he had choreographed the maneuver, he landed on the fence and scampered away down the rail.

So thanks to my little squirrel friend, my sunny disposition began to slowly return.  I realized that feeling sorry for myself isn't going to change the situation. I have no idea how long it will be before I can see my grandbabies again, but I do know that God is working on it. In the mean time, He doesn't want me to miss out on the rest of His wonderful, silly Topsy Turvy world!

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Today | 19:16

My favorite products we sold were the Genuine Navajo Dreamcatchers! this company supplies work for Navajo tribe. VW&GT donated 10% to "Dreamcatchers-Abused kids

Today | 19:11

I love our little bees! Such beautiful and delicious products from such tiny little beings!

Today | 19:08

Unfortunately, my health forced me to close the shop, but I will still love and heal the world in whatever way God leads me next!

Today | 18:48

Thank you for your nice note! Had a few more setbacks, Rheumatoid Arthritis AND Type 2 Diabetes all in the same week! Sorry I don't know where you can get cards