First Lesson in the New Chapter (2-3-15)

There is something about January and February. It seems that every year my body just gives out! I have just crossed the bridge into the next chapter in my life. I blame these yearly bouts of illness on stress and overwork but this year when I crossed that bridge and left my past behind, The Universe opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking at myself AND the world! I came to realize that these "bouts of illness"are meant to be lessons in themselves. They are meant to slow down and contemplate the lessons learned from the previous year. In a sense, these bouts are just sessions of "detoxification" from the negativity absorbed to prepare me for a new, fresh insight and clearer vision as to what is really important and why I am really here on this planet.

It's only January 25, 2015 but I have been ill with some type of cold or flu for over 3 weeks now... Add on the depression caused by major life changes where my faith faltered a little, and I have had one lousy start to the New Year.  But this is where the lessons came in.

I excitedly headed to San Marcos, Texas, with the remnants of a headcold but it didn't matter as I was too excited to see all of my babies that it didn't matter.  I was introduced to "REAL TEXAS BBQ" and some of the nicest people I have ever met.

Unfortunately I left Texas with a full blown case of the flu!  I was scheduled to stop in Las Vegas to attend the  Winter World Market but having to leave my grandbabies in Texas and feeling like I had been hit by a truck, I only wanted to stay in the hotel to sleep and pout, and I came pretty close to succeeding but my angels had other plans for me!

I suddenly had a burst of energy to hit the pavement and headed to the Market with anticipation I had not felt in months. My excitement was short lived as I walked in the first showroom. The reality of my financial situation hit me with full force as I gazed upon the beautiful displays that I would love to recreate in Violette Wings but knew my "champagne taste"  far exceeded my "beer income" and I immediately felt defeated.

Soon I "accidently" ran into a lovely lady who I had presumed to be a sales rep. In reality she was a nationally syndicated author and one of the featured artists that day. Catherine Galasso-Vigorito handed me a "signed" piece of her collection. We chatted a little bit and she had such a calming influence that I found myself opening up to her. I confided to her that I had recently been feeling defeated and was contemplating closing the shop.

She looked a little surprised then said "Did you see what the piece I gave you said on it?"  I hadn't looked at it yet but when I did, my jaw almost hit the floor! "SHARE your special gift with the world!" She then also handed me a copy of one of her articles that was laying on the table. It was titled " If ever there was a time NOT to give up, this is it!" Boy did my faith get a kick in the pants at that moment! After having our picture taken together, we hugged and said goodbye as I headed off to meet my rep with my confidence raised. I got a much needed pep talk from Judy, my personal "Gift Angel", made a few orders and felt a little more like my old self again.

As I left the showroom and headed down the hallway, I felt my confidence begin to falter again.  I found the first ladies room I could find. I closed the stall door and had a seat, not for the usual business but I needed some guidance at that very moment. "Dear Lord", I began, "I am so confused and I have no idea where to even begin. Please lead me into the direction you want to go. Help me  to find  the companies and products with the messages that follow my mission and have the type of  integrity You want me to conduct business with. Amen". 

I walked out of the stall and sitting in a puddle of water on the counter was a copy of the "Market Catalog". 'Hmmmm', I thought, "it's a little wet but maybe this will help." I dried off the huge book and headed out the door. I found a spot in a corner and began to peruse the huge catalog. It didn't take long before I began to feel panic and overwhelmed again as I couldn't seem to find any adequate descriptions of showrooms that I needed to explore. So I decided to just flip through the pages really quickly and see if I saw anything interesting. I stopped on the first page it had flipped to, my eyes were drawn to one of the columns on the page and right in the middle of the page, my eyes caught the name "Gifts of Nature". Well, that intrigued me a little and I noticed it was on the same floor that I was sitting on that very moment. I decided that was as good a place to start as any!

I found the showroom and as soon as I walked in the door, my heart took a little leap of joy and I knew God had answered my prayers and sent me where I had asked him to. I walked straight up to one of the sales reps and asked a few questions about some of the items that caught my eye and as he began to show me around the showroom, my spirit was turning cartwheels in my chest! Every corner I turned there appeared some products that were exactly as I had visioned for the shop!

The depression that had enveloped me for months was being lifted. The cords that had bound me for almost forty years were being cut and finally I could see clearly God's plan for me and my desires manifesting right before my eyes! I placed several orders with my old confidence and assurity that I was on my path and I thanked Him as well as asked His forgiveness for the doubts I allowed to overwhelm me at times.

So the conclusion to this first lesson in my new chapter of life is that God truly is in control and it is in His divine timing, not ours! Just when all feels hopeless and you feel all alone in this world, keep your eyes and ears open and He will guide your steps in the exact direction you are meant to go. The depression is lifting slowly as I still deal with a few issues that I can't understand but I do know now that God is in charge, in His divine timing and I just have to have trust and follow His guidance and the blessings will follow.



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Today | 19:16

My favorite products we sold were the Genuine Navajo Dreamcatchers! this company supplies work for Navajo tribe. VW&GT donated 10% to "Dreamcatchers-Abused kids

Today | 19:11

I love our little bees! Such beautiful and delicious products from such tiny little beings!

Today | 19:08

Unfortunately, my health forced me to close the shop, but I will still love and heal the world in whatever way God leads me next!

Today | 18:48

Thank you for your nice note! Had a few more setbacks, Rheumatoid Arthritis AND Type 2 Diabetes all in the same week! Sorry I don't know where you can get cards

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